School of Dragons Cheats

School of Dragons Cheats

School of Dragons Cheats:

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School of Dragons is a simulation and action game. The simulation part if you want to be mindful your own dragon and you could also modify your avatar to your own preference. For the action part when you bring your dragon to fight against another dragon. The overall game quite fun to get started with. There are lots of activities you can certainly do in this game. The graphic also quite good, the facts really beautiful, it’s hard to trust this type of game is accessible in mobile. Now, to make your video games experience more pleasurable, Use our School of Dragons Gems and Coins Cheats.

School of Dragons Guide:

Just in case you haven’t seen the well-regarded animated flick it’s based on, School of Dragons is set on the island of Berk, a place where Vikings and Dragons coexist – though not without some challenges, to be sure. Your character is a young Viking who gets the opportunity to raise and bond with a dragon, essentially growing up together. As virtual worlds go, Berk isn’t a gigantic place, though it still has its fair share of interesting places to see. There’s the titular school, the village where the locals live, a beach, and some surrounding wilderness areas. The early gameplay will have your Viking undertaking various quests that mostly involve gathering or delivering items while you find out more about dragons and their history with humans. Fans of the movie are in for a treat, as the main characters from the film are prominently involved as quest-givers, accompanied by their trademark dragons. Hiccup, Astrid, Snotlout and the gang have a fair amount of voice-acted dialogue, and they’re instantly recognizable since the game’s art style matches its source material to a tee.

Of course, none of that would be much fun without a dragon by your side, and you get to hatch one fairly early on. You’re free to select any of the game’s nine types, and there’s a personality test to give you a hand if the choice is too difficult. Be warned though – the decision is permanent, so unless you want to delete your avatar and start all over, you should heed the words of the old guardian from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and choose wisely. School of Dragons places a lot of emphasis on the human/dragon bonding process, and part of it is similar to many virtual pet games as you manage your dragon’s levels of happiness and hunger. The former is a simple matter of petting or playing fetch with him or her every so often. Feeding is a little more involved, as dragons prefer eating fish (who knew?) and you need to supply them. That means buying some or playing the fishing mini-game, which is actually an entertaining way to kill a few minutes.

You also get a farm which serves as a place to customize and a production center for various helpful items. Not unlike a scaled-down version of FarmVille, the idea is to plant and water crops and to feed and groom animals, all of which will yield different products at regular intervals. Plants, animals, and decorative items are purchased with coins, while the harvesting process can be sped up with gems, the game’s premium currency. Monthly memberships can be purchased to obtain free gems every month and a variety of other bonuses and discounts. There’s even more to do once your dragon grows a bit bigger, something that requires you to chuck it into the lava to finalize. Seriously. Anyway, you can actually use your newly grown companion as a mount to fly around, breathe fire, and do more stereotypically dragony things. Hiccup’s Flight Club opens up the option of dragon racing, and there’s the Fireball Frenzy to master fire-breathing, both of which are a bit more action-oriented and worth plowing through the more sedate early stages of the game.

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